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The Pulse Within

Beat helps publishers build digital brand experiences and own the relationship with their consumers. We power the leading publisher-backed platforms in Norway, Germany and Denmark allowing them to forge a direct retail relationship with their readers and listeners

Beat powers Chapter, Denmark`s first publisher-owned subscription platform. Chapter is fulfilled with ebooks and audiobooks from Gyldendal, Modtryk and Gads publishing houses.

Norway`s first publisher-owned subscription platform. Audiobook subscription and a la carte service with content from Aschehoug and Gyldendal publishing houses. Voted best-in-class by national newspaper.

Skoobe, Germany`s leading ebook subscription platform integrated Beat`s SDK to partner on it`s new audio service. Originally founded by Holtzbrink, Random House and Thalia Group. Offers ebooks and audiobooks.

Publishers can benefit from owning subscription services

Ownership and elongation of the consumer relationship

Full control of distribution, pricing and business models

Better margins

Establish own brand and identity


Control the exposure and curation of content

With Beat Technology you can set up your own applications

and ingest premium content within 90 days


Guaranteed 99.99%
service availability

State of the art
billing solutions

Versatile ingestion


Set up and run the
service within 90 days

Establishment of local support staff and local marketing experts

Integration with
CRM systems

Design it your way

All our applications are tailor-made for each project.

Join our UX and UI designers in creating the customer journey your readers deserve.

Our journey

Our journey

Who we are

40 Staff, majority PhDs and Master Degrees

Offices in Norway, UK, Russia and Ukraine

English, Norwegian, Russian, Spanish, German, French, Arabic and Ukrainian speakers

Tech and Publishing expertise across multiple markets

CSO ex-Penguin UK and Mofibo / Storytel and Bookchoice

Who we are

Offices in Norway, UK, Russia and Ukraine

40 Staff, majority PhDs and Master Degrees

English, Norwegian, Russian, Spanish, German, French, Arabic and Ukrainian speakers

Tech and Publishing expertise across multiple markets

CSO ex-Penguin UK and Mofibo / Storytel and Bookchoice

What our customers say

«To deliver Chapter’s very high expectations in a very competitive subscription market like Denmark, we needed to find a mixture of technical and publishing expertise for both ebooks and audiobooks. In Beat, we have the partner with a proven track record, a deep knowledge of the publishing space and a bullet-proof solution to make Chapter a success.»

Jesper Siber – MD, Chapter – Copenhagen, Denmark

«Since the very conception of Fabel, Beat has helped us grow at an incredible rate, capturing market share rapidly and securing a strong revenue stream in a volatile market. They’ve delivered an ongoing best-in-class experience for our large listener base putting Fabel at the top of audiobook services in Europe.»

Ann-Kristin Vasseljen – MD, Fabel – Oslo, Norway

«With Skoobe being so well established and successful in the ebook subscription market in Germany, and Beat Technology’s expertise and experience in audiobook streaming it made perfect sense to partner with each other to create a dual-format platform. Our two teams have worked side-by-side to integrate Beat’s audio SDK into Skoobe’s existing environment to provide a seamless experience for German customers.»

Julian Wahl – MD, Skoobe – Munich, Germany

«As audiobooks have become increasingly popular and important to publishers in the Spanish speaking world it was essential that Nubico partnered with the best technological solution in the market to hit the ground running with an experience to match what we already deliver to our ebook and magazine readers. Beat’s experience and expertise in this space and it’s platform is second to none.»

Raul Pèrez Martìnez – MD, Nubico – Barcelona, Spain

From the Media

Beat Technology Is Developing Romania’s First Audiobook Platform

Publishing houses in Romania are working together to produce the Echo audiobook subscription platform, a first in market of almost 20 million people. Echo is the new platform developed by Norway’s Beat Technology.

Beat Technology Partners With Germany’s Skoobe on Audiobooks

Beat Technology worked with German ebook subscription platform Skoobe to add ‘tens of thousands’ of audiobooks its service.

Owning the reader relationship

UK publishers are missing out on the huge benefits of running their own subscripion services, Nathan Hull from Beat argues.

The publishers and platforms who have been doing this the longest are not only seeing incredible digital revenue growth but also a stronger print market. 

Norway’s Beat Technology Signs a Denmark Trio for an Audiobook Platform

Today’s news marks the next step in Beat Technologies’ drive to create bespoke D2C audiobook and ebook subscription platforms for marquee-level publishers.

Audio subscription: Publishers doing it for themselves

Norway’s Fabel platform is the story of how the country’s two largest publishers, Aschehoug and Gyldendal, combined forces to launch an audiobook subscription service to fend off retail competition, and won, writes Nathan Hull. Since its inception in 2017, Fabel has gained 50% market share, completely transformed the companies’ profitability and has in excess in 50,000 paying members. No mean feat for publisher to achieve themselves – and from a population of a little more than five million.

Édition : des solutions sur mesure pour vendre des livres audio et numériques

Les lecteurs français restent pour une grande majorité des convaincus du livre imprimé, mais les pratiques culturelles font état d’un usage plus fréquent de services dématérialisés pour accéder à des contenus qui le sont tout autant, comme les livres numériques ou audio. Beat Technology, société amorcée en Norvège en 2016, entend proposer aux éditeurs des solutions sur mesure pour vendre leurs contenus et en conserver la maitrise.

Beat har utvecklat plattformen bakom Fabel i Norge och Chapter i Danmark – vill erövra världen

Ljudboksrevolutionen går på export från Sverige. Men numera även från Norge där techbolaget Beat byggt plattformen som ljudbokstjänsten Fabel använder. Och som danska Chapter ska använda.

Tre forlag står bag ny streamingtjeneste

Gyldendal, Modtryk og Gads Forlag lancerer i fællesskab en nyskabelse på lydbogsmarkedet. Platformen Chapter bliver åben for alle forlag, der vil være med. Chapter åbner for brugerne i efteråret.

Norsk selskap skriver dansk kapittel

Sammen med Gads Forlag og Modtryk ruller Gyldendal i gang strømmetjenesten Chapter.Det nye selskapet er udiskutabelt dansk, men teknologien er norsk. Utviklerne av Chapter er Beat Technology, basert i Media City i Bergen. Selskapet har tidligere utviklet Aschehoug og Gyldendals strømmeselskap Fabel her hjemme.

A Publisher’s Own Platform: Norway’s Beat Technologies Heads for Frankfurt Audio

If you’re a publisher and would rather not use another company’s audiobook and ebook distribution, Nathan Hull at Beat Technologies says to listen closely.

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